Pizza & Investigation

Welcome to the official Pizza & Investigation website!

I’m Antonio Ferrara and I rediscovered the journals of Peter Spencer (that seems to have been a kid in the 80’s). So far nobody knows if he’s still alive or where he is and I have no news regarding his friends too (even if I’m investigating). In these journals and in the other material that I recovered, I found the in-depth description of a universe that he calls “Tales of Evil”. After many years of research and interpretations, I decided to give voice and body to these diaries in the form of games, books, comics doing everything I could to make their story known.

These kids have managed to accumulate an impressive amount of material in ten years, but the core of their story is written in a kind of code. They practically did not want a complete view of the “whole” and therefore concealed part of the truth… Did they hide something? What were they afraid of? I’m still working on it as on many other questions but I believe that, with your help, we could unveil the mystery together. I also found an old computer still connected online and, thanks to a geek friend of mine, I managed to remotely enter discovering mysteries that I… even thought possible.

The most absurd fact is that this computer has been online cable wired since the 80s! It seems incredible, but it’s true. I will explain you how they did later. I’m working to give access to this computer to all members of the “Pizza & Investigation”. Anyway… inside the computer I found other material from their world and on the Club they founded at Crystal Country (I’m trying also to figure out which real city this name refers to).

Long story short… these kids founded the club in 1980, called it Pizza & Investigation and, ever since, they opened registrations all over the world to those who were able to see beyond the veil of reality that surrounds us. Founders called members of the Club “The Braves”. As far as I’ve understood, only those who have the courage and strength to adhere to their philosophy (which apparently is to eat pizza and deal with investigations), will be welcomed members of the Pizza & Investigation and they will have to cooperate with everyone else to unveil mysteries that are, almost always, inexplicable.

Peter firmly believed that Evil was not just in Crystal Country, but everywhere. The founders soon understood that they couldn’t do it alone and therefore founded the Club to recruit members from all over the globe. Evil could have manifested itself everywhere and certainly they would not have been able to deal with all the Mysteries alone, just in one city…

Well, speaking about now and today (2018) I have just enabled this page to advance their philosophy and share their deeds. If you are just curious, you think you can be part of it or simply want to stay updated on all the activities in the universe of “Tales of Evil” and “Pizza & Investigation”, sign up now.

I promise that members of the Pizza & Investigation will be the first to be promptly updated about the decryption of the long ago connected computer, and will be the only to access the exclusive content reserved to them.

If you want to experience this fantastic adventure with me and believe you can be a “Brave”, fill out the form and immediately become part of the Pizza & Investigation!

I strongly need your help, Brave!